personal tips and recommendations...

✔ remember to make your carrd colorblind friendly! many people never do this! try asking a colorblind friend for help! (keep this image in mind when you're choosing colors! dont use ones that are too similar. for extra help use this site
✔ make sure to keep heavy eyestrain, shaking/flashing images, and graphic pictures out of your carrd. make it accessable!
✔ edit the pictures you use in your carrd! overlays are your best friend and can be done in any photo editor or art program. (i recommend art programs!)
✔ containers are your best friend. remember to change them from stack to default!
✘ avoid one-pager carrds! they're difficult for people with reading disabilities to read (including me!)
✘ stop. using. fanart. especially without credit or permission. find official sources. its disrespectful. most japanese artists have "do not repost" in their bios!
✘ dont put kins, friends, etc before your byf/dni section, ya goof. it should common sense...

some fun resources... (these are gonna be mostly fandom related sorry)

heart locket gif maker (___ my beloved)
enstars assets
transparent [email protected] cards
waifu2x (goes hand in hand with
cool little symbols (the ones im using now)
gif editor/maker
cookie run assets (find sprites here)
wilson jj (screenshots, fancams, whatever)
play shiny colors on your browser!
how to get into [email protected]
tons of game sprites, icons, etc. (they have a ton of games to choose from! cookie run, mario, etc)



i'm not trying to tell you how to make carrds or trying to say im better at making carrds than you are, i simply just want to share the information i have to help someone who might need it! take everything i say with a grain of salt, and get creative!

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