byf im a minor, I curse alot, kinda intense, kms/kys jokes every corner u turn, I only talk abt my ults, jp/eng, use tone indicators on me only when joking, pls educate me if I did anth wrong, I delete my messages alot, keyboard smash
dfi -13 or 19+, very heavy nsfw, you sexualize idols, nctzens, kaeluc shipper, invalidate pronouns, invalidate triggers, YBC stan 😬, dry humor, stan bts, blackpink, skz or other problematic hoes, anti any of my favs (unless they've done some shady shit)
groups itzy, twice, ive, txt, treasure, enhypen, kana-boon

anime + games fairytail, sk8, mha, jjk, blue period, asu, k-on, spy x family ★ TWEWY, genshin, honkai impact, splatoon, en stars, KH union cross, ac pocket camp, +more
swagmiesters mio, dovon, kisa, josh, milan, jasmine (or fayette didnt know whay name to put i4aajtanydyhjfdgj) ♥️

more more more aaand more ANYWAY STAN TWICE LMAO DHDHSB cre @wonv4mp